UMich Ground Stations

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Overview The following pages contain information on ground stations and related research and development done at the University of Michigan.

GS Survey We are conducting a survey on global ground station availability, and we need your help! If you have a ground station, please fill out our survey (~5minutes). It will ask you about station locations and the characteristics of the antennas (type and frequency).
Research & Development
  • Mercury Ground Station Software -- Mercury is a software system for commanding a controlling satellite ground stations via the Internet. Our motivations for developing Mercury are to reduce the cost of operating space missions and to increase mission yields and capabilities. We seek to make accessing space systems as easy as searching Google. We are developing an opensource software platform, currently based on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Java, to build a network of Internet enabled ground stations.

  • Network Scheduling - We are developing techniques for optimal ground station scheduling that take into account the dynamic nature of a global federated ground station network and a growing population of experimental and commerical satellites in low-earth orbit. These pages contain some of our prototype software elements.

For more information, contact James Cutler, jwcutler @ umich . edu